What You May Not Know About Modern Midwives

Midwives were commonplace in earlier times, assisting many women with the delivery of babies at home. However, the practice of midwifery is still very much relevant today and may be an ideal solution to support your own pregnancy and childbirth process.

Monroe OB/GYN staffs two highly-trained and caring midwives to ensure your natural birth process goes smoothly and successfully. If you’re curious about how you may benefit from midwifery services, learn more about how midwives play a big part in modern medicine.

An overview of today’s midwife

The goals of today’s midwife haven’t changed much since the days of old. Their main focus is the successful delivery of a healthy baby, while making sure you are also enjoying optimum health.

Modern midwives specialize in assisting women through a pregnancy and supporting her during both labor and delivery. They are dedicated to caring for you as a whole person, allowing natural life processes to occur without unnecessary medical interference.

Using a midwife doesn’t mean you can’t deliver in a hospital or receive medications to ease your pain. Rather they ensure you have everything you need to achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery, even coordinating care with your OB/GYN and delivery center.

Support you can rely on

Midwives also offer you support and guidance in lifestyle choices that affect your pregnancy. They can guide you through smoking cessation steps, implement exercise plans throughout pregnancy, and be the emotional support you need when times get tough.

In addition to your physical health, your midwife is also available to support good mental health. They regularly check in with you, helping you navigate the many changes your body goes through, including hormonal changes, that can affect your mental state.

The midwives at Monroe OB/GYN also have a strong relationship with your OB/GYN, ensuring a true team effort through your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

The highest level of training

Reputable midwives have undergone necessary training, qualifying them as certified nurse-midwives. This certification ensures your midwife has passed national testing requirements, which allow them to practice in all 50 of the United States.

Each have certifications and training in all stages of pregnancy and delivery and can assist you with services like:

In addition to their exam certification, midwives must also complete training involving all aspects of pregnancy stages, labor, and delivery.

Making the midwife decision

Ideally, the support of a midwife through a pregnancy is best for mothers-to-be carrying a single baby and not otherwise considered a high-risk pregnancy.

A midwife may be right for you if you’re interested in developing a trusting partnership with someone who is fully prepared to help you manage a pregnancy and ensure a safe and happy natural birthing experience.

The best way to determine if a midwife will benefit your situation is to discuss your desire for midwife support with your physician.

To learn more about the midwife experience, schedule a consultation today using the online booking system or by calling the office.

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