Myths and Facts About Botox

Botox® is an effective and safe nonsurgical alternative that can enhance your natural facial features and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that age you. At Monroe OBGYN, Soudabeh Ahadi, MD, offers in-office Botox injections based on your desired outcome and existing health.

Botox is a prescription cosmetic injectable that targets moderate to severe frown lines, brow creases, and crow’s feet around the eyes. The treatment is made from a purified form of botulinum toxin that temporarily paralyzes the muscles responsible for these age-related skin flaws. As your muscles relax, your skin begins smoothing out and the severity of wrinkles and lines is significantly reduced.

While the inner workings of Botox are pretty simple, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Botox. Learn more about the truth behind one of the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatments still being used around the world.

MYTH:  Botox is dangerous

FACT: Botox has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the safe and effective treatment of deep-set creases and wrinkles on the brow line and around the eyes.

Provided the injections are performed by a qualified professional, like Dr. Ahadi, treatment with Botox is safe and is an excellent alternative to riskier anti-aging procedures, including surgery.

MYTH: Botox causes a frozen-face appearance

FACT: Under the careful supervision of Dr. Ahadi, you have the assurance that your appearance will look as natural as possible.

Dr. Ahadi carefully evaluates the severity of your wrinkles and creases to determine the right dosage and the targeted injection sites needed for your treatment. This ensures you don’t look overdone or frozen.

MYTH: Botox is a type of dermal filler

FACT: While often grouped together to address wrinkles and fine lines, Botox and dermal fillers work very differently.

Botox targets overactive muscles that form wrinkles and creases in certain areas of your face. Dermal fillers like Juvéderm® have no paralyzing effect, but rather involve the injection of medically safe substances, like hyaluronic acid, to add volume to your face and improve its natural contours.

Dr. Ahadi does offer both Botox and dermal fillers in-office, which can be used in combination to achieve the best aesthetic results.

MYTH: Botox offers immediate results

FACT: While you may notice an immediate difference in the appearance of your crow’s feet and brow lines, it’s realistic that optimal results may not be visible for several days.

It can take up to a week for treated facial muscles to fully relax and smooth out your facial features. You can also expect to enjoy the results of Botox for six months or longer, depending on the areas begin treated and the severity of your wrinkles.

MYTH: You won’t be able to stop using Botox.

FACT: The results of Botox can be significant and help restore and even boost your self-confidence. However, Botox injections do not increase your risk of dependence on aesthetic treatment.

In reality, Dr. Ahadi works closely with you to identify what expectations you have for treatment with Botox in advance if your procedure. She also designs a treatment plan for your current Botox injections and can recommend a timeline for follow-up injections to help you maintain your youthful good looks and smooth skin.

Risk factors for addiction to therapy or even health complications are very minimal and Dr. Ahadi supervises your care with your safety and well-being in mind.

If you’re interested in learning how Botox can work for you, schedule a consultation at Monroe OBGYN today using the online booking feature or by calling the office

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