Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Time for Summer

While the cold months of winter are still hanging around, you have time to eliminate those stretch marks just in time for summer swimsuit season.

At Rejuvenating Cosmetics, the medical spa side of Monroe OBGYN, the skilled aesthetic team offers comprehensive, noninvasive treatments specifically designed for stretch marks and other common skin flaws.

If you’re ready to boost your skin’s health and reduce the appearance of stretch marks — but don’t want the downtime or complications of surgery — treatment with Votiva® fractional technology is an ideal alternative.

Why you have stretch marks

Stretch marks are a type of scar that occurs when your skin stretches too quickly. The rapid stretching of skin ruptures the fibers of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins needed for healthy skin, and your body begins its natural healing process, which results in red, purple, or brown-colored marks on your skin.

Weight gain and pregnancy are common causes of stretch marks. You may also notice new stretch marks developing if you train with weights and quickly build muscle.

While stretch marks may make you unhappy with your appearance, they can also be uncomfortable and feel itchy or appear raised up on your skin.

How Votiva tackles unsightly stretch marks

The team at Rejuvenating Cosmetics uses the Votiva MORPHEUS® system that targets the fat and collagen below the surface of your skin.

Delivering thermal microns deep in the skin tissue heats up cells without harming nearby tissue. This heat stimulates your body’s natural production of new collagen and elastin.  

As new collagen develops in the weeks after treatment, it plumps the skin and smooths it to reduce the severity of stretch marks. Your body continues to produce new collagen in the weeks after your treatment, further eliminating the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles, and tightening areas of loose skin.

The best time to start stretch mark treatment

If you want to be beach-ready by summer, starting your Votiva treatments in the winter is ideal. Because the technology works with the natural processes of your body, it takes time to see visible results.

By scheduling a consultation now at Rejuvenating Cosmetics, you can receive a skin evaluation by the aesthetics team and get started on your treatments well in time for shorts and swimsuit season. To achieve optimal results of skin rejuvenation, your provider may recommend more than one session of Votiva therapy.

Big benefits, no risks

The biggest benefit of noninvasive stretch mark treatments with Votiva is that the results you achieve will be long-lasting. Because the fractional energy of the technology addresses the root cause of your stretch marks — replacing damaged collagen and elastin — you can expect your results to improve over time and last for months or years.

Another benefit of Votiva is that it requires no anesthesia, incisions, or downtime. You can go right back to your usual activities without any limitations immediately after your treatment.

Because Votiva doesn’t damage skin tissue, you don’t have to worry about scars, and no one will even know you’re undergoing treatment for your stretch marks.

Get the smooth, vibrant skin you want for summer by scheduling your Votiva consultation today. You can call Rejuvenating Cosmetics or request a stretch mark evaluation online now. 

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