5 Reasons to Consider a Midwife for Your Pregnancy

Have you been dreaming about your newborn’s arrival into this world? If you’re creating a birth plan, researching birthing locations, or looking for a provider who offers education and support, a midwife might be the best choice for you and your baby.

Here at Monroe OBGYN, we want you to have a birth experience that exceeds your expectations. Our midwives can help you welcome your child into this world in a safe manner according to your plan. Before we discuss the benefits of using a midwife, let’s make sure you understand a few basics.

What is a midwife?

More women than ever are turning to midwives for competent, individualized pregnancy care.

In fact, the use of midwives has increased by 11% since 2005, and midwives attended about 8% of all births in the United States in 2014.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, midwives provide expert care for the specialized needs of women. Your midwife monitors your social, psychological, and physical needs throughout your pregnancy and birth. She guides you during your birth-planning process by providing education, counseling, and prenatal care. And when you welcome your child into this world, our midwives are by your side during the labor, delivery, and postpartum phases.

Benefits of a midwife

Now that you understand the basics of the care midwives offer, let’s explore a few of the benefits you can experience when you choose the midwives at Monroe OBGYN.

Keeping it natural

If you’re considering a natural pregnancy, you might find that a midwife fits this philosophy well. A natural birth plan doesn’t begin during labor; it’s something you think about ahead of time. Our midwives work with you throughout your pregnancy to create natural remedies to any issues that pop up along the way. Once you’re ready for delivery, you and your midwife will have worked through the details of your plan to help create a natural birth experience.

Sticking to a plan

If you’re the type of woman who plans every event down to the most minute details, your pregnancy plan is likely to be the same. Your midwife partners with you throughout your pregnancy to create a vision for your birthing experience. Because you and your midwife will have a close relationship, she’ll be there to assist you with the details of your plan.

Where you give birth might be a critical detail for you and your baby. Midwives can often help you choose the best location for childbirth -- meaning that you might be able to deliver at home, in a birthing center, or at a hospital.

Your midwife helps you create a birth plan that’s realistic and functional. Every good birth plan provides a little “wiggle room” in case your baby comes up with an idea of their own.

Experiencing fewer cuts and tears

If you’re hoping to make it through the delivery with as few cuts as possible, a midwife is an excellent choice. The American Pregnancy Association reports that working with a midwife is associated with fewer epidurals, episiotomies, labor inductions, and the need for perineal tear repairs.

Receiving education and support

One of the reasons many women choose to use a midwife is related to the support and education you receive. Midwives create individualized education, counseling, and prenatal plans. They provide hands-on care during your labor and delivery. Once your baby is here, the attention continues. Your midwife is there to make sure you heal correctly after childbirth and that your baby is healthy and growing well.

Working with a team

If you have any concerns that a midwife might not pick up on issues you or your baby are having during pregnancy or delivery, no worries. Our midwives are part of the Monroe OBGYN team and work closely with Dr. Pakideh. We’re dedicated to providing care that keeps your pregnancy safe and healthy.

If you’re ready to learn more about the care our midwives offer, give our office a call or book an appointment online. Our team is prepared to help you create a birth experience that complements your journey as a mom.

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