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Welcome to our practice and thank you for visiting our Web site. Our patients are very important to us. We have developed this Web site as a way to help educate our patients, to provide a service to them that would not be possible without the technology of the Internet.

We are dedicated to addressing your total wellness needs, both emotionally and physically, in a personal and supportive environment. Our medical team includes Dr. Soudabeh Ahadi M.D., Dr. Martin Pakideh D.O., and Cathy Brownell C.N.M

Together these physicians have more than 50 years of experience. Each specializes in services ranging from routine gynecology and obstetric care to diagnosis and treatment of conditions resulting from abnormal Pap smears, osteoporosis and other women’s health issues. We also offer complete infertility services with a specialized mind-body approach.

scrub 55 Cole Rd Monroe, MI 48162. We are currently expanding our Medical facility to add a new sophisticated, yet comfortable suite of offices to help improve our quality of care to our patients.

Our staff will do everything possible to help you work with our practice to achieve the highest quality health care for you and your family. If you have any questions  do not hesitate to contact our staff and your questions or concerns will receive immediate attention.


Our Monroe OBGYN Clinic Offers the following Services


Our physicians continuously develop the skills in their specializations. Our team is among the best in working with unique health issues and treatments, such as Novasure for abnormal bleeding, following up on abnormal Pap smears, or creating plans to work with osteoporosis or incontinence.

Infertility treatment is one of our top services. Our patients seeking help with infertility are guided through the whole process, starting with initial evaluation through reproductive surgery or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). We align with the philosophy that a balanced mind-body approach to infertility treatment helps couples better handle the emotional stress often involved with fertility treatment, and may even improve the rates of success. That’s why our gynecologists and obstetricians work together with our certified infertility specialist to holistically address infertility issues.



Annual Well-Woman Exams   

Birth control consultation & prescriptions

Colposcopy Procedure      

Fibroid / Fibroid Surgery  

Hysterectomy Procedure

Menopausal Counseling  

Preconception Health  

Abnormal PAP Evaluation

Birth Options consultations

Dilation & Curretage Procedure

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Infertility Treatment

Ovarian Cyst

Prenatal Care

Monroe OB/GYN Uses the Latest Technology for Women’s Health Care

  • hysteroscopyCystometrics for the evaluation of urine leakage and incontinence
  • In-practice sonography, evaluating the reproductive tract in infertility and obstetric
  • Laser and LEEP therapy for abnormal Pap smears
  • Bone densitometry for the evaluation of osteoporosis
  • All types of infertility treatments including IVF surgical therapies
  • Urodynamics for the complete evaluation of the bladder
  • Minimally invasive Gynecologic surgeries including laser laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, tubal reversals, hysterectomies and bladder suspensions.

Our providers have made a career of providing the finest healthcare in the field of women’s health. We believe we are the best clinic not only in Monroe, but in the entire state of Michigan.  Be sure to connect with us for the latest tips in women’s health on our Facebook or Google + pages. To make an appointment, give us a call at (734) 242 2022.

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